Sunday, October 30, 2016

Becoming a Cleanie

   Herein lies the struggles to become a "Cleanie" - someone whose home is organized, clean, and peaceful.  I tend to use a lot of different methods for completing things, and getting my home organized and spit-spot (thank you Mary Poppins) is no different.  The main method I'm starting now is the Messies Anonymos system by Sandra Felton. I am a Messie. On her 0-10 scale, 0 being horrible housekeeper, 10 being model home at all times housekeeper, the quick test puts me at 3 1/2.  Ouch.  I look at my house, and although I'm not happy with it, didn't seem that bad.  But I know why. My kitchen island is mostly clear, but my penninsula is totally cluttered.  My floors are mostly clear, but have piles of things, projects halfway done and the like, against the walls. The clothes in my closet and dresser are sorted, folded, and hung up in their place, but I have folded laundry on the back of the couch and all the clean sheets are stuffed under the bed. Yes, my house isn't a total wreck, but for me, it leaves things to be desired. And "me" is the one I'm trying to satisfy.
   Let me add here, that along with having some organizational issues, I have 2 kids in school - which means lots of papers - and am in the process of a major, ongoing (like 9 years now) house renovation. Like, gut the entire house and start from scratch, then move in before it's done and try to keep working on it while we live inside of it kind of renovation. Add to that, my husband and I are both great dreamers and starters, not so much on the finishers.
   Excuses you say? They used to be. I called them reasons. "The reason my closet isn't organized is because I don't have all the hanging space I need." That seemed reasonable.  But really, it was "The reason my closet isn't organized is because I haven't done it yet."  And really, that's the reason for all the messes. I mean, messes happen. Life happens. What's the point of pots and pans if you don't use them to cook awesome food? Decoration?-I think not. So in order to have that good food, messes happen. But it shouldn't be "last night's dinner dishes are still there this morning because it was a lot and we had company and I was tired and..." No. Last night's dinner dishes are still there because I haven't cleaned them yet. So I said goodbye to that, I commit to Sandra's idea as a mantra. That when it needs to be done, just do it then. No to-do list entry for washing the pot when I put leftovers in the fridge. No to-do list entry for wiping down the table after it's cleared, or actually putting the laundry away after it's folded and sorted by bedroom (and even drawer in the dresser - I've at least been good at that) instead of leaving it the laundry basket for two or three days.
   Time to just go and do it.

The Beginning

Every journey has a beginning, every path taken has that first step.  Here is mine. In making my way to becoming a better person, I decided accountability to others, even to the  anonymous persons out there in cyberspace, is one way to keep myself on track. Forgive my blogging transgressions - I have no idea what I'm doing, other than throwing my thoughts to the wind.

I see a Smith as someone who creates something with their hands, and I am creating and enhancing the joy in my life with my hands. I will do this through a powerful mind, a fit body, a kind heart, a happy soul, a clean home, food in my garden, good husbandry for my animals, and most importantly, being a good wife and mother. Because being a good wife and mother (let's set some lofty goals - a Great wife and mother) is what it's all about, and all those other things help me accomplish my goal. Who can be joyful and peaceful with three loads of laundry to do, nothing ready for dinner, weeds in the garden, dusty TV, and a mess of papers to organize? Not me. So here begins the real kick-start for change.  It's been a gradually beginning, but now I'm headed up the bell curve to sit at the top and never come down.