Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Holiday on April 14th!

  No, you haven't missed anything in the news.  This is my own new personal holiday.

   I have 4 more days of working my full-time job before I retire!

   I'm not near old enough to actually retire, but I am quitting work to be home on weeknights to be with hubby and the kids, start homeschooling again, have more time to garden, more time to finish house projects, and more time just to be.  I worked about 19 years in different careers while I became a wife, mother, homeowner, camper, gardener, hiker, chicken raiser, and all the rest.  I enjoy my job, and get satisfaction from doing it well so that my co-workers can concentrate on the job they have to do, but my passion is my family, and the two can't be balanced out anymore.  I am ready to drop the working part.  I am so grateful to Hubby for doing all the financial stuff to get us ready, and supporting my decision.  And before anyone shakes their head and think me naïve, I know I am actually going to have more work as a stay at home mom than going to a job.  And while I won't get a paycheck to take to the bank, I will be paid in so many other ways it will more than make up for it.  Like Handsome Boy says, I am rich in love.
   In other news, since I haven't written in over a month, our meat chickens are here and the broiler coop is finished - what a learning curve!  Our egg layers are in my friend's incubator, the new garden beds are covered in straw waiting for a design plan and Mother's Day (aka planting day), shower tiling is in progress, Mom is mended up and ready to move back home, and spring is here!!!  Otherwise, I'm generally just trying to put my life in some kind of order so I can actually get things done instead of looking around wondering where to start. Ever since the fall holidays, any routine I once had was thrown out the window.  Almost every day has been reactionary.  A list got accomplished on schedule here and there, but not nearly enough.  I am ready to find my new routine.

As Tim Young from The Self-Sufficient Life says, Here's to getting out of the rat race!

Joyfully yours,

P.S.  Go Check out Tim's website and podcast.  He tells his own stories, interviews with others, and chats with his wife.  It's a great show.

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